All products in the studio MüCKE range are created from reclaimed clothing in Melbourne, Australia.

That's right, everything from the t-shirt scraps in the earrings to each individual dress, cardigan, scarf or pant. Following a more holistic approach to the way that we consume things, its also important for us to continue that holistic approach throughout our entire business practices. What this means to us is:

-creating a high quality product

 -paying a fair wage to our employees/contactors, in line or above average with Australian Industry Standards

-Saving water in our production processes by using a 4star front loading washing machine to launder garments ready for use.

-Using EcoStore phosphate, petrochemical and sulphate free detergent for this process

-Saving the majority of our waste material to be re-re-used back into the production processes (the earrings and recycled t-shirt scrap necklaces are a good example of this)

-Director, Ellie, rides to the studio and home again most days of the week.  Every day at studio MüCKE is 'ride to work day'!

- Good music, good food and good energy makes for a positive and productive work space!

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So, that's MüCKE, in a nutshell. Feel free to window shop as often as you like..and of course contact us with any special requests or inquiries you might have.